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MindGenius offers two options for product training: Online Training and Classroom Training.

Our experienced trainers will transform your performance and capability in a relaxed atmosphere, whichever option you choose. 



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Online Training  

The MindGenius Introductory course will take you from a basic understanding of the underlying concepts of MindGenius through to the essential functionality of the application. This type of session involves you dialling in, using both telephone and PC, to an online session, set up and hosted by a MindGenius expert.

This will enable you to talk to the Trainer whilst you both view the same working MindGenius screen on your PCs. Up to four client PCs can be connected to the same training session.The training will cover the basics of MindGenius "live," with fully integrated question/answer ability and the facility for you to take control of MindGenius as appropriate.The cost of these sessions is INR 5000 (+ VAT where applicable) per 1 hour session.





Classroom Training

The MindGenius Practitioner Course takes you from a basic understanding of the underlying concepts of MindGenius, its functions and features, through to practical applications in everyday business situations with the scope to introduce and discuss issues and topics relevant to your organisation. The duration of this course is 1 Day.

The MindGenius Practitioner Course can be delivered Off Site where companies can book our training room exclusively for a maximum of eight of their own staff. The cost is £1500 + VAT per day. Alternatively one of our experts can visit your own site and take a group through the Practitioner Course. The cost is INR 20000 + VAT + reasonable expenses (Travel, accommodation, etc).








           To book either course, email now.