Why MindGenius? 

MindGenius is a business mind mapping software tool that will help you to get your ideas out of your head, gain clear understanding on what needs to be done, and be able to action it successfully. 

MindGenius was designed specifically and uniquely for use in a business environment, and to help solve real business challenges.  Every single feature and piece of functionality in MindGenius has been added to help businesses tackle the issues they face on a daily basis. MindGenius is therefore one of the most mature and robust offerings on the market having been tried, tested and developed, within a real life environment for at least 10 years.

A version was also specifically designed for Education with academic resources designed by and with those in the Educational field.  



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With MindGenius you can:

  • quickly and easily capture ideas

  • navigate through maps easily with our unique map explorer

  • create mind maps but be unconstrained by traditional mind map formats and rules 

  • access unique categories,analysis and task management functionality to add priorities, actions and resources to your map

  • share your outcomes, ideas and plans with colleagues with comprehensive exporting functionality to a choice of standard desktop applications, including MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Project,  and Adobe PDF.


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