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MindGenius Business mind mapping software will help you to get your ideas out of your head, gain clear understanding on what needs to be done, and be able to action it successfully. MindGenius was designed specifically and uniquely for use in a business environment, and is ideal for individuals, teams and organisations.

MindGenius is mind mapping and much more – it gives you the ability to access unique categories, analysis and task management functionality to add priorities, actions and resources to your map. You can then go on and share your outcomes with colleagues, either as a map or by exporting to MS Office packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project as well as Adobe PDF. 

If you would like a quote and information on how MindGenius can be applied throughout your organisation, please contact

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MindGenius uniquely provide a specific education version that contains educational resources, designed by and with those in the educational field, and is for educators and learners in schools, colleges and universities.

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